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We put medical experts in touch with parents and children who are looking to navigate a socio-educational environment that has become increasingly complex and demanding. Are you ready to connect?

Our mission

Sghartoon is a platform that facilitates the screening and treatment of dyslexia by putting you in touch with the specialist closest to you. We are creating a support network for children with learning difficulties, in order to promote their mental, personal and academic growth. And this, thanks to interactive didactic methods and continuous monitoring by our medical experts

Our products

I am a parent

Are you looking for help for your child, but you don't know where to go?

  • 01 Is your child having difficulty at school?

  • 02 Don't know where to go for help?
  • 03 Your child's progress with the therapist seems long to you.

I am a therapist

You seek to be connected with your patients.

  • 01 Want to add digital to your work?

  • 02 Do you want to work even during Corona times?
  • 03you want to capitalize your data



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