Transforming learning difficulties into super powers

A tele therapy platform specialized in learning difficulties where parents, therapists and schools come together to provide the best care/education for kids.





Almost one out of 5 kids have a learning difficulty that hinders their education and well-being.

Sghartoon focuses on providing a tool to detect symptoms of those learning difficulties through fun digital games created by therapists and linking patients with therapists closest to them.

We also offer a fool digital for therapists containing a games library , a patient management tool and mush more to make their work easier and get them in contact with more parents

Democratising the educational system for these kids is our objective


We provide a way for parents to better understand and help their little ones

  • detect signs of learning difficulties through fun digital activities/games
  • link kids with the most adequate care available nearby
  • help parents effectively communicate with the therapists to monitor progress


We provide a patient management tool

  • Library of digital game to reduce 80% of costs
  • Patient management tool with results and sessions
  • Calender management tool
  • Access to more patients and communication tools


We help schools provide the best educational environment for the kids

  • workshops for teachers with proffesionals about learning difficulties and the tools to use in class
  • workshops for parents about learning difficulties and the steps to help the child at home


meet out team

Walid khayati

CTO and Co-founder

Seif eddine ben achour

COO and Co-founder

HIdayet Ayadi

CEO and Co-founder

Mahdi zribi


Nizar tounekti

Ministry supervisor

Soumaya Hammami

Speach therapist


They belived in us

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